$10,000 Project Winners

Aspie Seeks Love

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Diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome at 41-years-old, local artist and writer David Matthews explores his own life and struggles with relationships in Julie Sokolow’s full-length documentary.


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Each summer, Pittsburgh hosts Anthrocon, the world’s largest furry convention. Producer Olivia Vaughn and director Dominic Rodriguez’s film offers an intimate portrait of local furries of all walks of life.

Give Us a Chance: Pittsburgh Punk

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Mind Cure Records owner Michael Seamans takes us through the history of Pittsburgh’s punk scene, interviewing the venue owners, musicians, and artists that made it all happen.

$1,000 Honorable Mention Awards


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A dark comedy from writer Garrett Kennell and director David Light, Dot focuses on a young girl with a psychotic case of OCD that leads her to kill anyone she sees making a mess.

Gas Rush Stories

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Concerned with the contentious divide over shale gas drilling, producer Kirsi Jansa’s Gas Rush Stories series allows people affected by the drilling industry, whether good or bad, have their stories heard.

The Granada Refrain

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Following up on his 2008 short film about the construction of Consol Energy Center, Drew Nicholas looks deeper into the current redevelopment and reconstruction initiatives in the Hill District.

Kill the Artist

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Alisha Wormsley and Darrell Kinsel create a visual collage of Pittsburgh artists and explore their diverse art practices to understand how they cross lines geographically, culturally, and creatively.

Madame Presidenta: Why Not U.S.?

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Long after the end of women’s suffrage, fifty women have run for President of the United States, but none has been successful. Heather Arnet of the Women and Girls Foundation explores what it will take.

What’s Your Favorite Thing About Pittsburgh?

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Taking inspiration from local media legend Rick Sebak, Julian Glander’s series of 10 imaginative animated shorts profiles Pittsburgh’s fascinating residents and their hobbies, lifestyles and interests.