This project will produce two films to share with residents in four rural counties in Southwest PA; and then share the films with these residents at over twenty meetings over the year after its completion: in local schools; libraries; cooperative extension offices; businesses; and community, civic and farmer organizations. At 15-20 minutes and 35-45 minutes, these two films will share content but be designed for different venues, described below. The films will introduce local audiences to an innovative program in their communities, a program which promises significant local and regional benefits, environmental and economic; and depends for its success and growth on the interest and participation of a wide range of people who live nearby.

Over the past five years, the Pennsylvania Resources Council (PRC) has shaped and led a program to develop our region (Southwest PA)’s composting infrastructure in ways that have the greatest potential benefit to our natural environment and to our employment. A ‘composting infrastructure’ means all the relationships among waste-generators, haulers, composters and compost users.