A vibrant commercial corridor of the City had vanished by the mid-1990’s as well as a cultural aspect that had a positive impact on this community.  Although segments of the East End of Pittsburgh have been researched, this documentary has a different perspective.  What I have recorded presents a study on the vibrant East End of Pittsburgh of the early 1900’s through its height and then decline in the 1990’s.  This history of East End is related in the context of the Jewish experience secured through discussions with people who lived through the decades and research.  It is a wide-angle look at the neighborhood that features perspectives of everyone from independent merchants, lawyers and financial advisors to community activists and long-time residents of the community.  The primary geographical area is East Liberty, Highland Park, Morningside and Stanton Heights.

This is a story waiting to be told before all traces of its existence totally disappear.  By rescuing this history, we insure that the stories recorded of cultural and historical significance are preserved.  This story has to be told.  If not now, when?

Cultural and historical significance will be depicted for all those interested in Jewish history and for generations of decedents from this community.  All aspects of the documentary can be a tool in classrooms, history centers and in Jewish organizations.  Its distribution would go to Pittsburghers throughout the country.