What’s Your Favorite Thing About Pittsburgh? (working title) is a proposed series of 10 animated shorts profiling a selection of Pittsburgh’s fascinating residents and their hobbies, lifestyles and interests. The shorts will be created by recording off-the-cuff interviews with locals about the things they love about Pittsburgh, and using their stories and anecdotes as material for stylized original 3D animations.

The project will use eye-catching animation and an exciting, quick-paced editing style to capture the minds and hearts of viewers. Similar animated storytelling projects, such as NPR’s StoryCorps, have found great success online and in the short film community in the past few years, but none of these projects have the local outreach or community impact built into them like this series. Pittsburgh has a lot of stories to tell. If we had the resources, we could do all 300,000 residents. As it stands, 10 short films is a good place to start.

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