How do you make a home in a place created by past generations? What does it mean to live a world away from the rest of humanity, and still not know your place? Are we really alone? Martians is a five part web series that explores queer identity and the place of the next generation of the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) movement through the unique lens of surrealist science fiction.

Humans have reached beyond Earth. Mars is now ours, serving as a second home. With initial challenges in the past, the excitement of exploration is gone. Mars is just another place, a few days ride from your local spaceport. A group of twenty-something Martians struggle to define themselves in this new world. Alex has just been dumped, again. Emily tries to make ends meet, while still finding meaning in her work. Emile and Tony negotiate life as independent artists in the Martian city of Meridian. All are trying to find a place in their world. Could the appearance of a mysterious stranger open the door to something new on this seemingly dead planet?

Martians is a dramatic, sometimes comic, often surreal sci-fi web series. After a screening of the full series at a theatre in Pittsburgh, Martians will be released online through in five, eight-minute episodes. Martians comes from the experiences of a young person in established LGBT communities. Identifying as queer within (and outside of) this context has the very odd feeling of being an outcast on a foreign planet. It’s a combination of the completely extraordinary and the completely mundane. Martians seeks to give shape to a growing sense of detachment that many young people feel from the broader LGBT movement, as it continues to exclude stories in the interest of acceptability.

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