Proposed is a 45-minute documentary film spotlighting eating habits in young children and highlighting the work of several Pittsburgh non-profits related to food. Its purpose is to reduce anxiety surrounding feeding toddlers, promote a culture of reverence for the table in families, and inspire society to educate children about cooking and encourage these ideals in the children they love. The film features statistics about positive peer pressure as it influences food choice, case studies of families who are effectively incorporating family meal time into a busy schedule, interviews with parents, educators, psychologists, doctors, chefs, and local food advocates, footage of local kids’ cooking classes, and a food event where small kids are challenged to taste things outside of their comfort zone. The film ends with a call for education and a list of resources for fun ways to get your kids involved in loving to prepare and eat healthy and delicious foods together.

This project is unique in the world of food films as it starts at the beginning of life and does not address weight loss. It revolves around changing societal standards to include children in adult meals, rather than separate them as hot dog eaters. Instead of dietary specifications, it offers approaches and attitudes to reduce food anxiety. It starts a conversation about alternative relationships to eating, allows for increased self-awareness, and presents an exciting opportunity to introduce children to new food. Instead of the fear and stress often associated with “getting kids to eat”, it brings inspiration to make eating enjoyable as a primary objective, emphasizing social interaction at meal times.