“Gabi’s Playdate Place” is an internet show for children (ages 3-6) that was created and developed with the intention of helping children celebrate their uniqueness and develop psychological resilience at an early age and is based on the power of three simple and beautiful words: I Am Somebody. Children who learn to love and embrace who they are, at an early age, grow up to be loving adults. And when you are able to love yourself, you love and respect your neighbor, your neighborhood (and those who are not your “neighbor,” i.e. different) and ultimately the planet. It’s trickle up, trickle down love.

Gabi’s Playdate Place is a carefully considered environment that addresses important aspects of children’s cognitive, emotional and physical development. It is a place where children are motivated by interesting objects and opportunities, but it is also a comforting place where children discover predictable routines and themes. Most important of all, through the recurring phrase “I Am Somebody,” Gabi and her friends emphasize over and over again the value, worth and dignity of each human being and the unique gifts that each person can develop and share. In a world where so many children are exposed to violence and neglect, this consistent message offers a hopeful alternative.

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