Darrell Kinsel and I, Alisha Wormsley, are preparing to make a feature-length docu-narrative film about a diverse selection of emerging and mid-career Pittsburgh artists. Our vision is something between Art 21 and Downtown 81. The artists we have chosen are diverse in art form, style, career level and ethnicity. Our focus is in support of a movement of artists of color and their collaborative partners, to highlight Pittsburgh as a city that fosters diversity and supports artists or, at the least, give a space and flexibility for artists to do their thing. The film will spotlight two primary topics: this emerging movement of creativity and synergy happening among this diverse art scene in Pittsburgh, and the artists and spaces that would otherwise be un-/under-seen. Aesthetically, this film will also vary from the normal documentary narrative. We intend to work each artist, their work, and the spaces they create into animated/edited collages. Turning this film into a form of our work and artistic process.

We find a discord between Pittsburgh’s diversity and diversity in Pittsburgh’s arts community. This impacts not only Pittsburgh’s young creative people and their impression of what they can accomplish, but also the nation’s and world’s view of Pittsburgh as a genuine home of a diverse arts community. For the film, we have selected a pretty inclusive and diverse community of artists to address how artists cross lines geographically, culturally and creatively. Our hope is that this film can be used as a tool for these artists and venues to promote themselves, as well as for the city and beyond to see what is happening here and encourage them to support and nurture it.

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