The mission of 4TWELVE PICTURES is to tell the stories of real life superheroes in the Pittsburgh medical community and the people they save through powerful, in depth storytelling and visually stunning imagery. The “Life’s Work” docuseries follows a team of doctors at UPMC Children’s Hospital who, after over 30 years of searching, have found what they believe to be a cure for juvenile diabetes, also known as Type 1 diabetes. The series will tell the story of their journey and the children they hope to cure.

This docuseries will capture a major scientific breakthrough in the making. Dr. Massimo Trucco (from Genoa, Italy), Dr. David Finegold (a lifetime Pittsburgher), and a team of the brightest minds in the field of diabetes, are beginning the final round of FDA human trials for an innovative new therapy –  a therapy that was created and tested here in Pittsburgh at UPMC Children’s Hospital. They believe this is the cure, and so do many of the biggest names in diabetes research. Names like James R. Gavin III, former president of the American Diabetes Association and Alan Lewis, PhD, former President and CEO of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

As much as the world needs this cure, we need this docuseries. We can learn from the process of bringing a groundbreaking idea to fruition, from its successes, as well as the obstacles encountered along the way. Our mission is to illustrate a message of hope to a world that needs it more than ever. We hear so much about the bad in humanity it is easy to forget that there are people out there still fighting for the greater good. Regardless of the success of this cure, these real life super heroes deserve to have their stories told.

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